Sunday, June 15, 2008

have to

So... it's after 1am currently and I just got home from a little soiree over at Annan's mom Kate's house in celebration of Annan's and Chamonix's birthdays. Normally, I wouldn't find myself blogging at this hour. But a couple of things have lead me to this point. One being that I feel like I haven't written anything in ages, even though it only has been a little over a week. And two being that in one of those kind of winding down the party moments, I feel like I have easily heard one of the most profound statements of my life and I have to write about it right now.

What happened was we had the party and the only people left were me, Cham, Annan, Jenna and Kate. We were all sitting around, nibbling on the remaining bits, musing and contemplating and discussing. And the thing you have to know is, Annan's mom, Kate is just this very salt of the earth type person. She's so easy to talk to and wise and she has all these amazing experiences and everything.

So we're all sitting in the living room with our feet up and we've been talking for ages. And people are pouring their hearts out about relationships and heartbreak and why this and why that. It's one of those moments that you can't force to happen but sometimes they just do at these types of gatherings, you know. So we're all just wondering why things work the way they do in love and why you end up feeling the way you do about someone and why he might feel a certain way about you and Kate says Well, they can worship the ground you walk on, but you still have to find your way.

That's when I about died. And of course she just walked up and went into the kitchen. I freaked out and my jaw pretty much hit the floor. I seriously almost started crying. I mean, really, the insight in that statement just blew my mind. I know I could analyze it and write a whole bunch of things about it but I think I'll just leave it now and let it speak for itself.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gunnin' For That #1 Spot

If you have known me for at least 7 minutes, you probably know the Beastie Boys are my all time number one favorite band. If you have known me for at least 11 minutes, you probably know MCA aka Adam Yauch is my favorite Beastie.

Well... he's also quite the little director. He's directed tons of the BBoys music videos (many under the alias Nathanial Hornblower) and their concert film Awesome I Fuckin' Shot That!, among other such things.

He's now taken things to the next level and directed a documentary about high school basketball players working their way to the top. I'd probably be into this anyway because I love documentaries, love basketball and that whole thing. But, when my favorite member of my favorite band makes a movie, well, I have to share! It looks like it comes out in select cities on the 27th. Who knows if it'll ever make it into a theatre here. Trust me though, if it does, we'll be having a little outing. Won't we?

It looks pretty amazing.
here to watch the trailer and here to read more. Click around.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Officially Obsessed

So... how long have I managed to resist the Twilight series? A couple years? Well, all it took was a rainy rainy RAINY memorial day weekend... And a week later I'm through with the first two books and about a quarter of a way through the third. I know many many people have read these bad boys long before I did. But, let me say, right here, right now: If you haven't yet. Do it now! These are the kind of vampires we live for, aren't they? Positively gorgeous, loaded and extra gorgeous. Love.