Friday, December 12, 2008

Don’t Do This #2

Do not, when using a rather small public restroom, and sitting alone in your closed stall suddenly yell “ANGIE! ANGIE!” the second I walk into the door; causing me to become startled, confused, and mostly to wonder if I need to say something like, “No… I’m not Angie.” Or... "Somebody come quickly. There's a crazy loon in the women's restroom!"

DO NOT, at the point when I decide things have calmed down and it’s cool for me to do what I came to do, suddenly start talking again – ON THE PHONE.



Do I even need to explain the myriad, various and sundry ins and outs of how completely inappropriate this is?

Look. I don’t care if you talk to people on the phone in the bathroom in your own home. But please. For the love of god, do not involve me and my personal and private matters in these types of things. Good grief! I could barf.

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