Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow

So. I was getting ready to go out last Tuesday evening and my dad was playing in the yard with his new ladder so I was kind of looking out the window and chuckling to myself about it.

When he was finished with that, he decided to put the ladder away and pull the cars into the driveway. So I see him get in my car and try to start it and he gets this funny look on his face... then he starts it, and gets a funnier look and takes off driving it. Of course I am puzzled because I have noticed not a thing wrong whilst driving. So I go outside and wait for him to pull up.

When he does come back around the block... copious amounts of smoke are coming out the back of it.

He rolls down the window.

Dad: Hey, there's something really wrong with this car.

Me: Yeah, I see that.

Dad: Did you ever notice all this smoke before?

Me: NO dad. I am not a moron. I would have noticed the LITERALLY INSANE AMOUNT OF SMOKE coming out of the car.

Dad: You can't drive this thing.

Me: Okay.

So anyway, we took it in, the guy called, said it's a gasket of some kind and that it's $1400 to fix. And while my car is cool, it is not worth that kind of money. So we have spent some days mulling it over. Is it worth paying to save a car payment? Or what if some other $1400 mishap occurs in the next few months? Etc. Etc.

Then my parents went to a party on Saturday night and met a mechanic/car guy/Christopher Walken look-alike who said we would be complete idiots to get it fixed. So, I have to buy a new car. Ugh. I have never bought a car. Good times.

Friday, April 3, 2009