Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alright. It has to be said.

Everyone loves facebook, right? I seriously love it. It's a great way to keep up and catch up with people who I don't get to see or talk to all the time, even a great way to get to know people you just met, etc. etc. It's fantastic. Really, all-around tremendous.

You want to know what's NOT fantastic? Signing in to see pictures of your idiotic, awkward, chubby, idiotic, ugly, dumb, fashion-challenged, idiotic, elementary school, junior high school, high school, collegiate, what-have-you self plastered and tagged all over facebook.


I know a lot of y'all are married with babies and all settled down. And impressing people isn't at the top of your priority list. Well, I wish I could just flit around and say that I don't care what anyone thinks. BUT I DO. And I'm still "out there" you know? Single girl! Living it up! The last thing I need is for a potential date or, you know, professional acquaintance even, to see, is me in my stupid Halloween costume back in '89. Or... I don't know, me acting like a moron with one pant leg rolled up and a ribbon around my head running around like a jackass in the Kappa House. And these are just a couple of examples. A few of many really.

And I have to say that frantic untagging isn't really my jam. I hate the terror that courses through my veins wondering how many people, who, who has seen these photos in the hours that have passed betwixt their posting and my untagging. I really hate that feeling. And I'm never truly satisfied when I've untagged; because I know they're still out there. Still on the internet. Lurking. Waiting to be seen or god forbid, retagged by some well-meaning friend.

Don't get me wrong my dear friends, my treasured loved ones! Those were the days! And it was awesome! And we had a blast! My goodness, the memories! BUT IT'S OVER. And that's the stuff that photo albums and scrap books are for. NOT SOCIAL NETWORKING.

Social. Networking. Get it?

I love you.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Yes, I stalk you every now and then, since you hardly ever blog. Anyways, I set my privacy on Facebook so no one but me could see tagged pictures of me. Just in case.... Let just say I was a really ugly 8 year old.

kathryn said...

haha... i know, right!?!?
and. i'm trying to get better at more consistent blogging! i try!

Dallas and Amylee said...

You go you single girl living it up!

Also, married girls with babies hate the tagging as well. Sometimes I live by the saying "the old days are dead." Sometimes, EVERYONE SHOULD.

Aly said...

Good thing THOSE days are over and the kickball pics are all in good taste ;) And good thing we still have End of Season Party/shitshow to look forward too!